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Who we are

Formed as a Slack group on March 16th by a couple of ex-colleagues, the code4covid community now counts over 700 tech volunteers: and with other groups joining in, it keeps growing!

The team's mission is to find technology solutions to help people during the COVID-19 crisis: we believe that technology can minimise the disruption caused by the pandemic and ultimately save lives.

To ensure energy gets directed to the right places and efforts are not duplicated, we are also collaborating with initiatives formed by other inspiring groups as part of the COVID-19 Tech Response.

There are already lots of ongoing efforts to use tech to help in this crisis. These include:

  • - COVID-19 Tech Response's library of resources
  • - A direct line into local community efforts
  • - Slack group for collecting volunteers and open discussion
  • - Moderated scientific 'request for ideas'
  • - International volunteer sign ups and ideas board
  • - Platform to request tech support

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