Hello and welcome,
fellow Technologists!

The number of people who are volunteering for this effort is fantastic, and we want to ensure this energy gets directed to the right place and optimised.

So tell us what skills you have and your realistic availability, and we'll add you to the Slack group to get you started!

So you’re a:

  • • Developer
  • • Data Scientist
  • • Designer
  • • Product / Project Manager
  • • Content Creator, Writer
  • • Marketing / PR / Marketplace Specialist


...and you want to help in the Covid19 crisis?

This is what you can find here:

  • • Offer your skills to existing projects by code4covid group
  • • Ask for tech resources for your project to code4covid group
  • • Check the Coronavirus Tech Handbook by TechForUK group
  • • Explore List Of Existing Tech Communities

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